The numbering of the appropriate turfcord® size isbasedonthebearing edge of the hoof.

The correct size iscrucialforasuccessfulbondingresult. 

The size of a hoof can vary from one processingperiodtothenext. Therefore, the hooves should be measured before each bonding. 

For the "small horse and warmblood sizes",thereisarounded shape for the front hoof and an elongated shape for the hind hoof. 
The sizes of the front hoof shapes aredescribedwithF(Front) and the rear hoof shapes with R (Rear).

From size 275 (usually "pony size") downwards, itisamixed form of front and rear hoof shape. 

The numbering of the size corresponds tothemeasuredbearingrim circumference from heal edge to heal edge of the freshly trimmed hoof.  For the larger sizes, the shape must also be taken into account.

If you are not sure about the correct size please send us pictures so we can help you.