What is turfcord®?

turfcord® is a permanent adhesive hoof protection made of natural rubber, an elastomer technology from ContiTech. 
It is natural, light, elastic, shock-absorbing and grows with the horses hooves. 
It helps to keep the horse healthy as it does not restrict the hoof mechanism. 
The advantages of barefoot walking are retained. 

Is turfcord® vegan?

Yes, turfcord® is vegan and is produced without animal testing. 

Is turfcord® recycable?

Yes, turfcord® is a natural product made from almost 100% natural rubber and is recyclable. 

Where is turfcord® made?

Our turfcord® productsaremanufactured in Germany. 

Does the adhesive harm hooves?

No. Our adhesive is a one-component thin-layer adhesive that has an antiseptic effect. 
It is similar to the adhesives used in surgery. 
In contrast to two-component adhesives, our adhesive does not generate heat when setting. 
None of our permanently glued horses show any damage to the horn quality. 

What are the advantages of turfcord® ?

turfcord®  helps to keep the horse healthy. 
- the hoof mechanism is preserved
- the risk of injury is minimized 
- foot behavior of the bare hoof is maintained
- holds on all surfaces
- has s shock-absorbing effect
- is lightweight
You can find all the advantages here: advantages

When can turfcord® be used?

You can find ares of application for turfcord®  here: application examples

How thick is the tread of turfcord®?

The tread af our smallest size 225 is about 4 mm and the one of our biggest size F400 is about 9 mm.

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