The healthy way to protect the horse's hoof

Healthy alternative because it does not restrict the mobility of the horn capsule.

Healthy alternative because it does not pose a risk of injury.

Healthy alternative because it preserves the footing behavior of barefoot walking.

Healthy alternative because it grows along with the hoof within one hoof treatment period.

Healthy alternative, because the natural sense of touch is largely preserved.

Healthy alternative because it weighs only about 1/3 of a horseshoe of the same size.

For this we received the innovation award of the "Pferd und Jagd" (Hanover) in 2017!

The turfcord® is probably the only truly elastic hoof protection.

The turfcord® is bonded to the horn capsule with an adhesive that remains elastic and has an antiseptic effect.

Due to its flexibility, the horse retains all the advantages of walking barefoot.

At the same time, however, the hoof is protected from abrasion.

It also reduces the risk of injury.


Due to its snug fit and the chosen material, it is excellent for:


- sensitive hooves -

- young horses -

- trail rides -

- endurance rides -

- dressage -

- working equitation -

- Extreme Trail -

- show/exercise -

- short hooves -

- Active stables/herd keeping -

- Conversion to bare hoof -