customer feedback

“Bertha runs through the world as if on quiet soles, brisk and funny, and we are now going for our walks again. 
Even on asphalt and gravel. And even in mud and flooded meadows, the turfcord reliably holds up until the next appointment!”

(J. Z.)

“Fritzi is ridden recreationally in dressage and cross-country. On hard ground, there is a noticeable “cushioning” compared to shoes with irons. In snowfall, the rubber prevents the formation of lumps of ice that can be observed with shoes, so that the hoof protection is “all-weather suitable”. “

(Prof. D. Natali Bauer)

“For my horse Altgold, shoeing and especially nailing was always associated with stress. 
We don’t have this problem with the turfcord. 
The horn quality has improved as a result of the turfcord (since 2012). “

( S. Hamm, equine osteopath, trainer B gaited horses, Boarding and training stable Mühlberghof Oberlemp)

“Our horses are ridden daily in dressage and cross-country. 
Our horses and their riders feel very comfortable with the turfcord. 
From a sporting and medical point of view (I’m not a vet but I’m a doctor.) I can only warmly recommend the turfcord. “

(Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. R. Bauer)